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“Jennifer Dawson is one of the best writers I have ever had the opportunity to work with.” —Frank Lederer, President, Benjamin Publishing

  • Ghost writing
  • Website content
  • Newsletter articles
  • Brochure copy
  • Magazine articles
  • Copy editing
  • Press releases
  • Book reviews
  • Poster copy
  • Policy writing
  • Research reports
  • Marketing copy

About Plaid Pencil

Plaid Pencil is a full-service writing and editing company founded by Jennifer Dawson, M.A. Jennifer's writing is engaging, insightful, carefully researched and responsive to client needs. A cultural anthropologist by training, Jennifer is a keen observer, excellent listener, and seeks to truly understand the culture and audience of her clients. She can write for a diverse readership in a variety of formats. Jennifer is a professional-level member of PWAC, the Professional Writer's Association of Canada.

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