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“Jennifer Dawson is one of the best writers I have ever had the opportunity to work with.” —Frank Lederer, President, Benjamin Publishing

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When Jennifer was nine, she and her best friend cooked up a convenient (and BFF approved) career plan. Jennifer would be a best selling author. Her friend, who aspired to be a librarian, would shelve Jen’s books.

Fiction didn’t end up being Jennifer’s calling, but writing has been an important component of all her work. For her Master’s degree research she wrote community newspaper articles, a revised edition of a community services directory, workshop materials, and a 300-page thesis. As Director of Qualitative Research for a multi-year Health Canada-funded research project, she analysed data from hundreds of tape recorded interviews, authored research reports, and published peer-reviewed articles. In her work at non-profit organizations and at McMaster University, she wrote successful grant proposals, corporate policies, and produced all the communication materials for various campaigns.

In 2007, Jennifer was hired by a design company to write content for websites and newsletters and was awarded an outstanding opportunity to ghostwrite a book on nutrition and fertility, which was later profiled on the U.S. television show Extra. She has found great fulfillment in writing, especially in taking the ideas of others and growing them into products that they are proud to publish, sell, present and call their own. Plaid Pencil is the real-world expression of Jennifer’s commitment to a career as a writer.

Her nine-year old self is ecstatic.