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“Jennifer Dawson is one of the best writers I have ever had the opportunity to work with.” —Frank Lederer, President, Benjamin Publishing

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Website content
Newsletter articles
Brochure copy
Magazine articles
Copy editing


Jack may not have been a master of all trades, but Jen strives to be.

Her portfolio of corporate communication work and other freelance writing includes website copy, brochures, articles, press releases, corporate policy, poster copy, materials for social marketing campaigns, and human interest stories for public relations purposes. She has published book reviews, research reports, blogged on behalf of clients and ghostwritten a book.

Jennifer gets a byline for some of her writing, but much of her work is published under the name of her clients. She often fills the role of writer and editor on a single project.

All of the website content, book reviews, newsletter content, and media releases shown on these portfolio pages, as well as ghostwriting of the book Craving Conception, were completed under contract to Sage Portfolio Group and Stagecoach Designs.

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